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Together we will navigate how it feels to be seen as you are, now. Practising vulnerability as a form of empowerment, and overcoming conditioned beliefs around your body. Not only accepting but celebrating self and getting to know that self more deeply. 

I offer my clients space and time to be in their feminine, to feel safe and held. Stripped bare there is nothing to hide, we become lighter, freer, bravest at our most vulnerable. You can be completely nude during the session but that is not a must, please feel into what is comfortable for you.


Artwork Options & Investment 

All artworks include the exploration of what this process means to you so that the intention behind your artwork is felt. I create space to feel, share and discuss what the practice brings up for you, this is the process. 

There are two ways we can approach your body portrait:

Artwork created from a studio session.
My Studio is located in seaside Shoreham just over an hour outside Melbourne on the Mornington Peninsula. We’ll drink tea, chat, you’ll pose, I’ll draw. You'll choose which piece, from 3, that you’d like painted.

Artwork created from a photo.
For those who live a little farther a
way or have an existing photo for me to work from. I'll sketch up some options and you can decide which will be painted.

Both options include: 

- Pre-artwork creation communication

- 2 to 3 drawings to choose from

- Ink Artwork on 56x76 cm 300gsm 100% Cotton paper

- Digital files of the finished piece

Body Portraits
 are priced from $600 

If this practice is exactly what you'd like to gift yourself or a loved one please head to the booking page and which month you'd like to me create your Body Portrait in. 

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