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Personal Body Portrait

How would it feel to be seen, to be witnessed as you are now, to practice vulnerability as a form of empowerment, to overcome conditioned beliefs around your body, to accept yourself, to celebrate who you are without some layers, to get to know yourself more deeply? 


During the body portrait process, we allow something to become visible that is not usually seen. Celebrating ourselves, but also acknowledging the “imperfections” that make us unique. I offer my clients space and time to be in their feminine, to feel safe and held. Within this pause, we can get in touch with deep parts of ourselves. Stripped bare there is nothing to hide, we become lighter, freer - Bravest at our most vulnerable.

This experience is for you if...

  •  You’d like to celebrate who you are in this moment.

  •  You’d like to feel seen and held in a space that supports  your feminine energy. 

  •  You’re looking for a way to arrive in your body more  deeply.

  •  You’d like to accept and love yourself more completely.

  •  You’d like a reminder of divinity, daily. 


I create body portraits of the self, couples and mums and their bubs too.

For options and pricing please read on.  

Artwork Options & Investment


All options include the exploration of what this process means to you so that the intention behind your artwork can be felt. There will be time to figure out which poses you are drawn to and conversation around what they might mean. There will be space for you to feel into what this practice brings up, with room to share and discuss if needed. 


Artwork created from a studio session.

Two hours in my studio - We’ll drink tea, chat, you’ll pose, I’ll draw. At the end of our time together we’ll choose which piece, from about 3, that you’d like painted. 

Artwork created from a photo. 

For those who live a little farther away or have an existing photo that I can work from. I'll sketch up some options for you to feel into and we'll decide which of those will be painted as the final piece.


Artwork created from an image captured during an online zoom session. 

Honouring the importance of spending time together. Much like the in-studio session, I will create space for you to feel seen while we capture an image for me to paint from.

All of these options include: 

  • Pre-artwork creation communication

  • 2 to 3 drawings to choose from  

  • Artwork on 56x76 cm 300gsm 100% Cotton paper 

  • Digital files of the finished piece


Body Portrait Commissions are priced from $900

I have so much more to tell you about this beautiful experience so if you feel like it might be for you or you have any questions at all please send me an email. I’d love to chat.




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