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In-Studio Portrait Session


Time in my studio in Shoreham (just over an hour outside Melbourne) creating drawings to paint your Body Portrait from.


Today you are booking which month you'd like to have your portrait painted in. I’ll be in touch via email shortly to find a date and time that suits you. I’m in the Studio Monday, Tuesday and Thursday each week and if those days don’t work I’m happy to find a weekend for you. Until then please spend some time reading the downloadable document that comes with booking today. 


The In-Studio Body Portrait costs $900. I'll send you the invoice once we have found a date that works. This can be one payment or spread out over a number, we’ll chat about that over email.


In the studio - We’ll drink tea, get comfortable and honour this practice ceremonially. I’ll draw your body in three poses and at the end of our time together we’ll choose which one you'd like painted.


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