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Self Portraits As An Embodiment Practice

I’m sharing my process so you can get to know me and what I do a little more. I'd also love for you try to this practice out yourself. Through my art, in this case self study, I process as well as express what I’m going through. My relationship with myself, my environment and the people around me, makes clear what I need to let go of, work on, be curious about, love, accept...

We’re slowly coming out of the longest COVID lock-down in the world here in and around Melbourne. For many the restricted feeling continues as we figure out how to move in this new world. Having to make choices we've never been faced with before can take it's toll. Let's pay homage to these temples that we often take for granted and even criticise. Feeling "in" our bodies doesn’t always come naturally, with so many distractions pulling us "out". Over the past two years the unknown has become a new normal. I invite you to come back home, let’s get to know ourselves more deeply.

I’m going to show you my process in images rather than tell you what I do step by step. There is no right or wrong way and much space to make this process your own. I’d love to know if you have any questions and to hear how it goes. More than the outcome it’s the time you spend with yourself that is important.

I use this practice to accept my body as it is. Seeing myself as form, shapes and lines helps me to detach from my appearance, creating space between me and how I look. This process helps me to unravel beliefs about my body. Through sharing this practice, I hope you feel as though it is available to you too.

There are reasons we are who we are. From past experiences we create our reality, living the lives we believe we are capable and worthy of. This is where I begin to learn about myself and others from. Our bodies hold experiences - our stories and the stories of those that came before us. Trying to understand where one another “come from” is a key to connection. In seeing me I hope you can see yourself in a new light too.

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