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Quiet Time

Winter has been quiet, I’ve been working a lot more on my business than in it. Slowly coming to what I offer with some more clarity. About two months ago I started a new routine, 8-9 am in my studio each weekday (unless there's surf), creating. I began this practice because I’d gotten lost in the words of what I do, logistics had somehow taken over. I began this ritual to come back to what I love, the making art part.

Art of any kind, without a deadline or project in mind. It’s become a great way to inspire and develop ideas. Lately, I’ve noticed a few people have been making similar comments in conversation. How well I look like I’m doing, and how busy I’ve been. Which has made me think about how we equate productivity with success. The more we do the better we are, supposedly. It’s also brought up one of my beliefs, that if my productivity isn't creating money then it’s not a success, it hasn’t been particularly worthwhile and well, what is it all for?

A rhetorical question of course but one I find myself asking when things are quiet. I’d love if I didn’t get so caught up in these details, to be more present and content in my now. So, I remind myself daily that I chose this, that I’ve created this life and that everything has its seasons.

Seasons within my life and within the work I do while I’m here - what I offer to the world. This quiet time has given me space to recognise what I do want in life, see patterns from a much wider angle, and left space for me to think up a life that I’m in love with and excited by. I’m working towards a life that I only could have come to through getting to know myself more and finding a home here.

In the spirit of creating trust and making space for what I love to do - painting the human form, connecting with people through this practice, holding space for others to feel see and accepted in their vulnerability, celebrating all of ourselves - I’m opening up some time in August to spend with those who find value in the body portrait process. For the last part of this winter season, I’ll offer this practice in a slightly different way. This will be a time in which I inquire and go deeper into what I offer, with the intention of finding out what works.

PS. I don't make it to my studio every morning from exactly 8-9 am and some days I don’t make it at all.


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