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Where I Want To Be

I’m excited about the last part of this year as we come into Spring and Summer. After an inspiring and reassuring trip back to Ireland - This, my art, these Body Portraits, expressive workshops and sharing with you is where I want to be.

On that note, I’d like to give you some details on the Body Portrait practice moving forward. I want to make this experience comfortable and familiar. Together we will navigate how it feels to be seen and witnessed as you are, now. We’ll practice vulnerability as a form of empowerment, and have a chance to overcome conditioned beliefs around your body. Not only accepting but celebrating who you are behind those layers and getting to know that self more deeply.

Artwork options:

In-Studio Body Portrait

We’ll drink tea, get comfortable and honour this practice ceremonially. I’ll draw your body in three poses and at the end of our time together we’ll choose which one you'd like painted.

Body Portrait from a Photo

This option is for those of you who live a little further away or have a photo that you'd like me to work from. You book the time slot in which I will begin your artwork allowing you to be present to my creative process and to honour this time in your own way.

Body Portraits for me started as a way to challenge deep-seated body image issues within myself, prompting the desire to create a place for women who are navigating a similar inner critic. This has transformed into my way of truly understanding femininity, vulnerability and connection to self.

No doubt the ever-present societal expectations and beauty standards that are placed upon women take their toll on how we step into ourselves and the world. My body portraits reject that notion and encourage women to be every bit of themselves. Disconnecting who we are from how we look and understanding the physical form is just one element of our womanhood. The practice of seeing yourself as a work of art will hopefully soften that inner critic and transfigure how we relate to self.

I'd like this practice to feel as easeful for you as possible. These photos tell the in-studio story and below is a little Body Portrait How To:

  • When you book your Body Portrait I’ll begin our conversation over email with some gentle enquiry. Together we’ll feel into what this practice means to you.

  • We can discuss poses and ideas. If you already have an existing photo for me to work from of course we’ll use that.

  • You’ll come for the studio session or email your photo. I’ll draw 2 to 3 sketches and share these with you.

  • There is room for adjustments at this stage. After some feedback and possible changes you’ll choose which drawing you’d like me to paint. It will take no longer than two weeks to finish your artwork.

  • Once painted I’ll send you an email of your piece to make sure that you’re happy.

  • After the final payment, I will post the final artwork or organise framing. I will also send you digital files of your artwork.

You’ll receive a personally unique artwork that is so much more than the finished piece. With your intention at its core and though the collaborative process of creation, you’ll get to know yourself more deeply. We’ll notice what comes up and have the space to ask why. A practice that you can use to accept yourself as you are now.

Always here to talk,


Photos by Bri Horne


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