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Being Drawing - Life Drawing Workshops 


Drawing a being offers the opportunity to sink into stillness and observe as well as create and be inspired. We can use this time to appreciate and illuminate the beauty of the human form and to simply normalise nudity, in turn becoming more comfortable in who we are without some layers. This is a space where we can experience creative flow and become present to the process while witnessing the model in their truest form.

During this session, we will allow something not usually visible to become seen, celebrating parts of us that are sometimes hidden. Our bodies hold so much wisdom, the more in tune we become with them the better. This space will be one of self-expression as well as self-inquiry - where we get to know ourselves more deeply through the study of another.

Please get in touch if you require a concession price ticket. I'd love to include you, if you want to be there and if finance is holding you back from coming, there's always a way. 


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