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Leyla is an Irish/Australian artist and designer with an innate need to express herself creatively. Living by the sea she feels blessed to be surrounded by the wilderness that it brings, through travel Leyla finds new surroundings and people an infinite source of inspiration and loves to explore the natural world and the divine beauty of human form through her work.

Leyla found her love of exploring new places while traveling between both home countries during her childhood and teenage years. Since finishing her studies in Ireland she has moved back to Australia. Her life there has allowed her to grow her art and design business. While traveling Leyla brings her work with her - it is in these new surroundings that she is most inspired by.

Drawing from life, using a continuous line style, Leyla puts her pen or paintbrush to paper, not lifting it up until something interesting emerges. Leyla finds her style organically transforming while still holding a continuous line flow.


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Common Thread - Group Show / Sri Lanka / 2019

Astoria - Solo Show / Sienna, Kolkata, India / 2019

Solas / Kau & Co, Melbourne, Australia / 2019

Branded - Group Show /  Southern Buoy Studios, Mornington, Australia / 2018

Eastern Narratives - Group Show / Hideaway, Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka / 2018

Lady Lines / Kau & Co, Melbourne, Australia / 2018

Southern Buoy Studios Portrait Prize - Group Show / SBS, Mornington, Australia / 2018

Native Flora / Basils Farm, Swan Bay, Vic, Australia / 2018

Wild Flower / The Goodness Bureau, Melbourne, Vic, Australia / 2017

Group Exhibition / Oak Hill Gallery, Mornington, Vic, Australia / 2017

Group Show / The Stock Room, Ringwood, Vic, Australia / 2016