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Leyla Bulmer is an Irish Australian artist with an innate need to express herself creatively. Much of her work is inspired by the female form. The honesty of the naked figure illuminates her creativity. With the understanding that the body holds much wisdom, she creates to unravel beliefs grounded in the physical, portraying beauty through breaking down societal perceptions of perfection.

Leyla draws from life using a continuous line style. Through drawing first, then painting, she allows fluid but striking lines to emerge organically. The work celebrates the self whilst acknowledging the imperfections that make us unique. Leyla’s work can be incredibly simple, holding true to form and features without the obvious details - a shedding of layers and an appreciation of peace. She allows something not usually visible to become seen - a moment of vulnerability, a moment of true self.

Leyla creates unique fine art pieces, offers personal body portraits from her studio based in Shoreham and holds life drawing workshops on the Mornington Peninsula.

0487 427 439


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