Leyla Bulmer is an Irish/Australian artist with an innate need to express herself creatively — and to use her work to process and overcome internal struggles. The honesty of the naked figure illuminates her creativity. Portraying its beauty and not staying within societal perceptions of perfection, she creates to unravel beliefs about the physical. Much of Leyla’s work showcases the female form, her way perhaps to heal wounding around the feminine and celebrate it all at the same time.

These past few years of staying at home on the Mornington Peninsula have been a change, but this stillness has brought much-welcomed focus and deeper meaning to Leyla’s work. She enjoys drawing from life, Leyla uses a continuous line style, draws first, then putting her paintbrush down she allows fluid but striking lines to emerge organically. 


Leyla creates personal body portraits, offering clients the space to be still, if only for a moment - to feel seen and accepted. Celebrating the self while acknowledging the pain and imperfections that make us unique. She allows something not usually visible to become seen - a moment of vulnerability, a moment of true self. 


0487 427 439