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Before I tell you about me I'd like to offer you an invitation to receive on a deeper level - ideas, projects & processes, the connections I make and the inspiration I gather.  

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I have a passion for connection and expression, and my art intends to bring these two things together. 

Hello, I’m Leyla, and this is a little snippet of who I am, what I do and why I do it. Born in Australia and raised in country-side Ireland, I made my way back to Aus, creating a cosy home and the most beautiful little community by the sea. 

Community, relationship and the water are all big parts of my life with a focus on supporting others to take up space and be themselves, so they can then connect with the world around them more deeply. My art started as a way to challenge deep-seated body image issues within myself, prompting the desire to create a place for women who are navigating a similar inner-critic. It’s now transformed into a way of truly understanding femininity, vulnerability and connection to self. 

No doubt the ever-present societal expectations and beauty standards that are placed upon women take their toll on how we step into ourselves and the world. My body portraits reject that notion and encourage women to be every bit of themselves. Disconnecting who we are from how we look and understanding the physical form is just one element of our womanhood. The practice of seeing yourself as a work of art will hopefully soften that inner critic and transfigure how we relate to self. 


I use a continuous line style, allowing for bold and fluid figures to emerge organically. I create bodies of work using themes that run through my life as inspiration - a form of self-expression. My commissioned art pieces are completely unique to each individual. I offer body portraits, life drawing workshops throughout Melbourne and collaborate with aligned companies. 

If you have any questions I’d love to hear from you and I’m always open to collaboration ideas.

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