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Being painted. The process from the moment I arrived at Leyla’s studio was fantastic. But this is only the beginning! A year on, the painting hangs in my house and brings me so much joy. To have gathered the courage to go and be seen; the flowing lines and subtle details of the painting are a reminder, season after season, of being audacious and showing up for the gifts life brings.I sometimes reminisce about my perception of my own body, and the painting is there to remind me to drop the self-talk and be present.It is a joyous experience, nurturing and gentle.


Leyla created a very warm, welcoming space for me to enter into. I immediately felt safe to lean into the experience of being viewed, seen and interpreted by another. It was a creatively inspiring and emotionally tender experience. I was painted breastfeeding my 3 month old baby and it is an incredibly precious moment in time that she has captured. I’m so grateful for the opportunity I had to be painted by Leyla and would recommend it to anyone. Any doubts or fears one has are quickly quelled by Leyla’s warm and familiar nature and style, and her paintings are a joyful reflection of human bodies in their vulnerability and softness.

- Amy 


Leyla made me feel comfortable and at ease right from the get-go. She struck a perfect balance when guiding me into poses that felt natural and feminine. I felt supported and  a sense of freedom to explore what felt right for me. Thank-you Leyla for helping me. I'd highly recommend for anyone wanting to connect with their feminine side on a deeper level.  

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